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5 Reasons You Should Outsource Your SEO | Search Engine Optimisation
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5 reasons you should outsource your SEO


5 reasons you should outsource your SEO

With the reach and benefits of the internet it’s little wonder that companies are spending more of the marketing budget on online campaigns and search engine optimisation. In and out of the Matrix, the more people you get through the doors the more money you’ll make is a truism. For business websites that means more visitors.

How you get your business to climb up the search listings and generate more traffic is the big question for many business owners. Do they handle it in-house or outsource it to a specialist?

There are benefits to both models but here are 5 reasons why you should consider outsourcing your SEO management.

Bang for your buck

It can seem incongruous to suggest outsourcing as an affordable method of search engine optimisation over an in-house department but it shouldn’t be a surprise that a company with multiple accounts can be more competitive on pricing than a straight hire.

The costs can sometimes seem prohibitive but in the long-run they stack up quite favourably. Marketing and SEO is an ongoing task and as such can’t be done ad-hoc; you need someone permanently plugging away at it. That’s a new hire commanding a tasty salary (if you want someone decent) and the additional costs that accompany a salaried employee (taxes, desk space, energy, benefits, training, pensions etc).

Should that person leave you (the odds are high as it’s a competitive industry) then you have to start all over again, incurring further recruitment and training costs. With an outsourced marketing department and SEO specialist you don’t have those concerns and that’s how they become more cost effective over time – not to mention the greater ROI you’ll probably get.

Small margins can often make decisions easier for us but when it comes to SEO it’s worth thinking long-term.

Fresh ideas

All industries have their own way of doing things and each company will have their own way of doing things within that framework. This permeates through a business and often staff members, including creative marketers, can become indoctrinated if you like in a certain methodology.

That’s great in many ways because consistency is one of the pillars of success but it can create a lot of staleness. An outsourced marketing company isn’t schooled in your way of thought and during the process of learning about your company and understanding what makes you tick they’ll start to think of ways to change things up.

They’re not going to insult you by questioning the way you do things but they will bring a different perspective and make that complement your values and processes.

Fresh ideas, uninfluenced by existing conceptions can help drive your business forward and unlock new opportunities for growth.


Search engine optimisation isn’t a learn it once skill. It is an ever evolving market and not only do skills need to be acquired over time they must be constantly refreshed, challenged and tuned. In a sense this comes back to cost as an internal hire will require you to invest a lot of time and money into their ongoing education – all the while expect a salary commensurate with the knowledge you’ve paid for.

Time spent on ever-lasting education is time taken away from the tasks you’re paying someone to perform. With an outsourced SEO managed service you are paying purely for results.

It’s attractive to keep that knowledge in-house as your commission to an outsourcer will pay for knowledge that other companies are also benefiting from. However, it’s worth remembering that you’ll be benefiting from knowledge paid for by others too and you’ll never be at risk of losing the power of that knowledge.

Never-ending task

A proper search strategy is a never-ending quest. It’s not a pick it up as you please job if you want it done properly. The best results come from ongoing optimisation activities including content marketing, link building, PPC and optimum keyword efficiency.

If your strategy is well-thought-out and implemented professionally then eventually this will become a multi-person role and that’s brings a whole set of headaches – primarily everything in this article in multiple.

The right tools

Search engine optimisation comes with a lot of technology and these tools can be prohibitively costly. Outsourcing stops you throwing good money after bad trying to find the tools that suit your business or new hire if they have different expectations on what is required to deliver your campaigns to your previous employee.

Then of course there are the training costs so these expensive tools are used to their maximum effectiveness. An outsourcer will have a range of tools that they are skilled in using and will have used on successful campaigns already.

You know what you are getting

Using an outsourcer or managed service for your marketing and SEO frees up your staff for other tasks they are better equipped for. It’s more productive for your company and productivity increases are almost always followed by increased financial performance.

Outsourcing is also good for predicting costs and you’ll never be hit with unforeseen training requirements or requests for new tools. Most SEO outsourcers will agree a monthly retainer with you and fixed costs are better for your accounting.

And to finish as we started, if SEO is part of your strategy for generating and converting new leads then for the greatest ROI it makes complete sense to have it handled by professionals.

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